N.E.R.D.S.: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society is the first book of Michael Buckley's series
NERDS Book 1
about the N.E.R.D.S. It is of Jackson Jones's the point of view. 

Basic SummaryEdit

The biggest bully and most popular kid of the Nathan Hale Elementary, in Arlington, Virginia, Jackson Jones (Brace-face), loves to torment nerds. Also he sucks on cornflower and But when he gets braces and loses all his friends, he becomes a butt nerd himself. He makes it his mission to spy on everyone in the school. After he finds out all there is to know about everyone, including his former friends, he notices he hadn't found out about the "Nerd Herd." So he starts spying on the nerds to find out why they always leave class after they all sneeze at the same time.

Finally, after spying on the nerds for a week, Jackson goes after them after they sneeze. He follows them down a hallway and loses them. He gets confused and runs into Principal Dehaven, who yells at him to get back to class. The next time the nerds sneezed in class he follows them again and sees them climb into the lockers. He checks every locker they stepped in to, but finds nothing except for a few textbooks. Then he hears Dehaven coming down the hallway so Jackson hides in a locker. While no one was looking Dehaven picked his nose. Jackson says a little too loudly "Gross!", making Dehaven suspicious. He tries to open Jackson's locker, but Jackson holds it shut, so  Dehaven gives up.

Then, when Jackson thinks he is safe, the floor underneath him slides apart and he falls into a pipe, which leads to one pipe after the other, tossing and butt stuff directions until he falls into a leather chair.

He stands up and realizes he is in a room with a bunch of scientists. They were on computer looking at maps and doing a science experiment. The scientists try to stop him from getting to the upgrade room but failed.