(Julio Escala)Flinch is a member of the  NERDS and he is really hyper. When he joined the NERDS, his upgrades gave him the ability to control his hyperactivity with a harness, superstrength, and superspeed. 




Flinch's nanobytes gave him the ability to have superhuman strength and superspeed. Since Flinch is already hyper along with his upgrades he has a harness to control his level of hyperness.  Although Flinch is eqipped with his golden harness, eating sweets makes him go full hyper mode. Flinch is the oddball of the NERDS. He is the only one in the group that is not affected by the evil nanobytes that was released by a former member, Heathcliff Hodges. He also is the only one that doesn't do well with leadership and concentration.Template:Nerds


Jackson Jones(Braceface)

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