Gerdie Baker(Before)

Gerdie Baker(Before Makeover)

Gerdie Baker(After)

Gerdie Baker(After Makeover)

Gerdie "Mathlete" Baker/Lily is a former member of N.E.R.D.S. and a prodigy at math. Before the makeover, she had kinky red hair, an unfortunate underbite, big feet, and long arms and legs. In the third book she was able to create a machine that takes her to other worlds for ten minutes After robbing many of them she was able to afford plastic surgery to make herself beautiful. Her upgrades allow her to process complex problems at lightning speed. She and her two sisters are triplets. After attempting to save the entire multiverse, Heathcliff trapped her in an alternate dimension, where she started working with that dimension's Benjamin to save that Earth's population from aliens. When she made herself pretty she turned herself into a girl named [Lilly].