Duncan Dewey, AKA Agent Gluestick is a chubby, African-American kid whose upgrades allow his skin to produce an adhesive, allowing him to stick to any surface.

BiogDuncan Dewey was born in a below-averaged neighborhood. He was a below-average student, in a below-average school. In art class one day, Kevin dared a girl named Renee to eat glue, but she did not do it, so Duncan said he would, and he did. After that, Kevin made money off of Duncan eating the glue, but after Duncan's parents found out, they moved to a new neighborhood so he could start off in a new school. His parents are Avery and Aiah, and his sister who is Duncan deweyEdit

Upgrades and Abilities Edit

When Duncan first came to Nathan Hale Elementary, Brett, Kevin's cousin, made fun of Duncan. One day Heathcliff sat beside Duncan and asked if he wanted to be part of the NERDS team. When Benjamin gave him his upgrades, they allowed him to stick to walls, seal cracks, and shoot out super-sticky glue. His glue even made a giant man stick to street, and he couldn't break out of it. Also, Duncan loves technology, and knows a lot about it.

Family Edit

Duncan's family consists of his mother, Aiah, his father, Avery, and his older sister, Tanisha (or as Duncan knows her, the Creature). Unlike all the other NERDS, Duncan's family was fully aware of Duncan being a spy, and constantly worried about him until Avery finally considered taking Duncan off the team. Due to his obsession over technology, Duncan always had a hard time bonding with his family, as they never quite understand technology themselves. Also, Tanisha has a sibling jealousy of the attention that her brother receives, and is constantly angry with him. Despite all that, Duncan manages to put up with them, and eventually later during the novel, Duncan lets go of his obsession with technology and gets the chance to fully bond with them. They love Duncan. Luckily, they resurrected him.

Relationship to Other CharactersEdit


Julio "Flinch" Escala

Jackson "Braceface" Jones

Matilda "Wheezer" Choi" (romantic interest)

Ruby "Pufferfish" Peet

The Hyena

Benjamin (supercomputer)

The Lunch Lady

Agent Brand (former member of NERDS)

Ms. Holiday (evil in book 4 and 5)


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Aiah Dewey

Avery Dewey

Tanisha Dewey(the Creature)


Heathcliff "Choppers" Hodges (A.K.A Simon, Screwball') was a former NERD (1st-3rd) Dr. Jigsaw (1st Book)

Professer Flurry (Referenced Only) (2nd Book)

Albert Nesbitt (2nd Book)

The Antagonist/Dumb Vinci (1st and 2nd)

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