Dr. Jigsaw is the doctor that Heathcliff Hodges/Simon hired to take over the world. He is obssesed with perfect symetry and is a bit insane. His evil plot was to build a tractor beam that could move the continents and reform Pangea. At the end of book one, he is defeated by the N.E.R.D.S. team and was killed in the fall from his lair.

Relationship to Other CharactersEdit


Julio "Flinch" Escala

Jackson "Braceface" Jones

Duncan "Gluestick" Dewey

Ruby "Pufferfish" Peet

The Hyena

Matilda "Wheezer" Choi

Agent Brand


Heathcliff "Choppers" Hodges (A.K.A Simon, Screwball, Brainstorm')