Albert Nesbitt/Captain Upgrade/Captain Justice , as a child, was directed by his mother to become a scientist, and showed incredible success in computers: when his mom gave him one, he rebuilt it, making it incredibly powerful. However, when his neighbor loaned him a comic book, he instantly became hooked, buying numerous comic books, mostly of the superhero genre. This worried his mom, who threw them all away when Albert was 15. Albert fished them out of the trash and locked them in the basement, where he lived ever since. Albert is also an internet superhero: he stops criminals by computer as Captain Justice. However, he was taken as a lackey by Simon, for whom he built a ray gun that could take control of machinery, in exchange for superpowers and, after haggling by his mom, the eastern half of the United States. Albert is overweight, and typically wears a latex suit with a cursor on the front.

Albert Nesbitt

M is for Mama's Boy Edit

Albert makes his first appearance when he sees Simon robbing a bank from his computer. Albert thwarts the crime, but Simon escapes.

Albert then heads out to Big Planet to look at comics and graphic novels, where he encounters Simon's goon. The goon expresses hared toward superheroes and reveals that he knows that Albert is Captain Justice. The goon offers Albert a chance to work with Simon in exchange for superpowers.